Friday, July 30, 2010

Sonnet : Enchanted

O tell me how many men have declare
the beauty of the maiden , so fair
her smile makes you melt, you wouldn't aware
as if there is just no other things to stare

when the lips says no words other than praise
your heart tumble and the earth seems to stop
Enchanted by beauty they will says
and now the feel of love seems to crop

But what she feel, how many do aware?
she is not a wooden doll in display
it is frightening but she only bear
in her tiny heart that she always pray

For she is a human and so do you
Notice her heart and she notice yours too

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


for the late Mohd Sharimon/Emon (7 years old), died of AIDS at Hospital Seberang Jaya in 2005
For the late Mohd Sharimon/emon (7 years old), died of AIDS at Seberang Jaya Hospital in 2005

i can't forget the frightful eyes of yours
i see it so deep, I could drowned
the face so small and the smile so faint
the sorrow I just can't explain

I knew you lost your mother
I knew you miss your father
I knew I couldn't make u feel better
but I have come to love you my dear (till now)

5 years has passed, I did not realize
been cried so much on those days
to see you suffer, I just cant bear
since God love you more, I wont despair

been missing you and pray
for with me, you couldn't stay
the disease that kill you, I will find a way
to get rid of it someday